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Personal support or advice:

Please note that I do not respond to emails or requests for individual support or mental health questions. This is due to legal and professional regulatory limits (meaning, I can only offer one-on-one support to counselling clients in B.C., Canada), as well as personal boundaries. If you’re in Canada and need to talk to someone, please reach out to my counselling team, The Perinatal Collective. Outside of Canada, you can check out Postpartum International and their therapist directory. If you’re in crisis contact 911 or a local crisis line. 

Media or Collabs:

Looking to chat with a maternal mental health expert for your article, book, podcast, or for a speaking engagement? I’d love to collaborate if our values are aligned (read: you’re also here to support the heck out of moms). Send me a message above and let’s chat! 

Please note that I don’t do any brand collaborations or partnerships that involve me promoting products or other people’s services. With gratitude and respect, please refrain from sending pitches my way. If I talk about products or services online, it’s because I genuinely love them and want to share them with the world. 


Pour a cup of tea and settle in for a slow morning. You deserve some you time and self-care includes nourishing your mind. Consider these like my letters to you: notes from your mom-friend who happens to be a therapist. I’ve got you.

Finding my joy in motherhood took me four years but it can take you less than four months. Come hang with me and our thriving community.


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