Hi!   I'm Kate.

A mental health therapist, entrepreneur, and mom of two LIVING on Canada’s West Coast. 

I’m here for moms who are struggling with identity loss, anxiety, and constant sense of overwhelm, and I help them create a life that feels easier, more fulfilling, and frankly… more fun! 

Maybe that means spending your me-time handbuilding pottery, DIY-ing your dream home, escaping into smutty novels whenever you get a break or keeping up with the latest reality show. Maybe it’s just about finding a moment to exhale and remember that you matter, too. Or maybe it’s about being present, grounded, engaged in your life rather than zoned out and disconnected.. And while your joy looks different than hers, the act of finding joy, finding space for YOU, is simply non-negotiable IMO.

And truthfully, I can speak from personal experience, too.

With over a decade of experience supporting moms in therapy, a masters degree in counselling psychology, a bachelors degree in psychology, and advanced training in perinatal mental health...

I have witnessed the profound impact that becoming a mom can have on your mental health.

For me, two major things happened at the same time: becoming a mom, and becoming anxious.

 (yes... therapists struggle with anxiety too). I’m not talking about the I-feel-nervous kind of anxiety. I’m talking about the I’m-having-scary-AF-thoughts kind of anxiety that feels debilitating and pretty uncomfortable to talk about.


 The what-ifs and scary thoughts of all. the. things. that could happen to my daughters (or me) swirled around my mind every single day.
  • I used to hide from my big kitchen windows as soon as it got dark because my intrusive thoughts convinced me that someone was outside. 

  • I thought I had lung cancer because I was short of breath and could never feel satisfied with how breathing felt. 

  • I struggled to wash my face, because I thought I’d be staring at some kind of monster as soon as I opened my eyes. 

  • I couldn’t fall asleep because I worried my baby would stop breathing. 

I avoided the problem. Ignored self-care. Self-medicated with alcohol and questionable partying decisions. I fully bought into the self-sacrificing societal messaging around motherhood. I abandoned myself, avoided texts, and barely kept my nose above the water. I cried in the car. Doom-scrolled more than I want to admit. And cycled through people-pleasing, invalidating myself, and then snapping at those I loved. Rinse and repeat. Ugh. What a time. 

But here’s where I went majorly wrong.

Instead of getting help,
I buried myself in work.  

Number one, I now understand that those struggles were all symptoms of perinatal anxiety and depression.

And secondly, I’ve made the connection between knowing the problem, and then actually doing something to change it. Because knowing something (in a brainy way) means absolutely nothing if we don’t implement change. 

Two things have shifted over the past several years:

And omg how life is different now.

I no longer put myself last, ignore my emotional needs, or treat myself like a people-pleasing machine. I recognize that the more I give to myself, the better I feel and the more I can show up for my family. 

I give myself permission to be an individual. I express myself freely. I don’t buy into the “perfect mother” notion and I’m getting comfortable with disappointing people. It’s. f*cking. liberating. 

Oh, and I accept that to feel well, I need to invest in myself every single day. 

Now, I can proudly say that I’ve found sustainable strategies and habits that have completely transformed my experience as a mom, and as a woman, which means more joy, ease, fun, and pleasure. 

And this, my friend, is exactly what I help moms with today. Do I still feel anxious? Obv… welcome to being human. But I’m no longer missing out on my life because of it. It’s a non issue.. With the right skills and understanding, we can all get there.

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