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Hey I’m Kate. I believe you can find balance, confidence, and a sense of calm (yes, even during those early days of being a mom) without losing yourself.

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Free Resources
Ready to reclaim that calm inner-vibe that somehow disappeared since becoming a mom? Here’s some free ways to get started.

Mom-Anxiety Masterclass

Learrn all about the different symptoms of anxiety, how it impacts you and your family, and how to manage anxiety so you can feel calm, present, and happy. 

Mom-Anxiety Workbook + Guide

Here’s your mom-anxiety toolkit to help you get clear on why you’re feeling anxious, what triggers the overwhelm, and give you a roadmap to finding relief.

Self-Care Mini-Challenge For Moms

Six days of teeny, tiny self-care lessons, prompts, and challenges to reset that self-care foundation for your mental health. Delivered straight to your inbox.

Hey there

I’m Kate

Therapist and educator for moms, course creator, and proud mom of two. There’s few things I love more than wandering a quaint street with my fam beside me (whether that’s in my sleepy little island town or on the other side of the world), sipping black, uncomplicated coffee, and feeling calm, connected, creative, and free. We’re often taught that being a good mother means you sacrifice yourself, but I completely disagree.

I’ve walked down that same path that you’re on right now, in the thick of the chaos, the desperately lonely nights and the overwhelming days that seem to zap your YOU-ness. Now, I feel like that friend who’s been in your shoes, and knows that there’s a way through these incredible-yet-demanding years of motherhood, with your authenticity and spirit intact.

I’d love to sink into the sofa beside you, pop a box of salted chocolate caramels into your hands, binge watch Schitt’s Creek for the fourth time, and tell you that you’re going to get through this. Because you will.

After years of struggling in my journey as a mom, I found my “why” supporting other mamas to prioritize their mental health even while raising tiny humans. I learned the tools to feel joy, ease, and presence in motherhood and distilled them into courses, workshops and community on Instagram… so that you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Explore My Programs
Learning + growing

While it’s normally portrayed as the “best time of your life,” pregnancy and early motherhood is often heart-wrenching, confusing and emotionally turbulent. Those sleepless nights, that crushing anxiety and never-ending stream of anxious worries are common, yes, but they don’t have to be your reality forever. My programs are the roadmap to make your way through.

Whether you’re here to finally understand anxiety and how to find your calm again, to figure out how to share the heavy load of parenting with your partner, or let that mom-rage go, I’ve got a range of programs to support you. 

What moms are saying
“I can cope better with day to day life and it’s really hard to put my finger on it but just overall I feel lighter and happier and safer. Learning how to better cope with my feelings that arise every day has been game changing”
“I no longer have mom guilt if I mess up, and I no longer label myself as a “bad mom” if I make a mistake like raising my voice. I have learned to give myself grace, not only as a mother but as a human being who deserves self love. I also take care of myself more. If I need to step away, I do so without guilt, and knowing it’s the best thing for everyone.”
“Thank you so much Kate for this invaluable program. You’ve been an inspiration in so many ways.”
Self-Paced Learning
a little time, a huge impact

Grab some takeout or snuggle up with some tea, and hit play on these on-demand resources that tackle some of the biggest hurdles in early motherhood. For far less than the cost of a date night out (what are those, right?), you’ll learn how to navigate these difficult themes and get back to how you truly want to feel: calm, confident, present and happy.

Mini Course

How to Share the Load of Parenthood

I get it: you feel like the bulk of the parenting responsibilities fall to you. You’re resentful, tired and burnt out. Hit play to learn how to communicate your needs, share the burden equally, and feel relieved to have a gameplan that actually works.

On-Demand Workshop

Insomnia and Sleep Anxiety

It’s pretty unfair that the most tired stage of your life is also the stage where you can’t get to sleep. Sleep is at the centre of mental wellness, so hop into this workshop to get the the bottom of it. Learn why you’re struggling to sleep, what’s getting in your way, and what steps to take that actually work. 

Mama Calm Anxiety Course

I created Mama Calm so that you can learn to manage this anxiety and build a calm and connected lifestyle. Picture letting go of that inner critic. Imagine not living in fear of what enters your mind, and not feeling constantly on edge. Think about how it would feel to (finally) release yourself from the grip anxiety has had on your life. How would your life be different?

Latest Youtube Videos.
If video is your jam
Bite-sized how-to’s, guidance, and validation, just click play. In each video, I bring in my knowledge and skills as a therapist and deep-dive into the unique challenges moms face.
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