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Nourish Your Mind

Pour a cup of tea and settle in for a slow morning, mama. You deserve some you time and proper self-care includes nourishing your mind. Consider these like my letters to you: notes from your mom-friend who happens to be a therapist. I’ve got you.

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How To Make Self-Care Easy for Moms

I think it’s important to shift the conversation so that what’s supposed to support your mental wellbeing doesn’t become a stressor. I want self care to be easy so that moms actually do it.If you’re a mom or mom-to-be, I’m willing to bet that “self care” can be… a...

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30 Day Happy Mama Challenge

Hey mama - need a mood boost? Here's a simple 30 Day guide to print out and stick to the fridge, front and centre! Work through this challenge for 30 days, and day by day you'll bring some energy and attention back to YOURSELF, and shift into the mama you want to...

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What Moms Need To Know About Intrusive Thoughts

One of the most shocking experiences of becoming a mom is the scary thoughts that flash into your mind like a lightning bolt. “What if I drop my baby and she cracks her skull?” “What if I accidentally let him slip in the tub and he drowns?” “What if I get so...

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How To Be A Happier Mom

Being a mom is H-A-R-D. Like the kind of hard that no one warned you about, the how-the-hell-do-humans-still-exist kind of hard. And if you’re like many moms I know and work with, you probably wish you felt a little happier at times, and less like you’re drowning...

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Hey There

I’m Kate, I’m a mama of two girls and a perinatal therapist practicing from my Vancouver Island home. You can usually find me strolling along the beach with my family enjoying the seabreeze on my face or soaking up the sunshine in my garden. Society’s narratives say that motherhood should be self-sacrificing. My posts here say something altogether different. So glad you’re here mama, you’re in the right place.


Calm, Happy, You