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Printable resources to help you find your calm, confidence and joy in motherhood.

FREE Postpartum Mental Wellness Workbook

A workbook for mom’s who are struggling to enjoy this stage of motherhood, a need a little help managing the stress and overwhelm.

I’ve taken tools that I use with counselling clients, and included other important info to help you adjust to motherhood.

FREE Workbook: Self-Care for Moms

Self-care is notoriously difficult for moms, and hey, I get that! This workbook will help you figure out your self-care plans that’s doable, realistic, and motivating. Enjoy! 

FREE Self-Compassion Affirmations for Moms

I created these just for moms, so that you can work on developing a kind and compassionate relationship with yourself (which is a key in adjusting to motherhood in a healthy way). Just download, print, and start weaving these into your daily life!

Birth Affirmation Colouring Cards

Anticipating childbirth can bring up some fears of the unknown, or of things being too difficult to manage. But your thoughts can really impact how you feel, so why not create positive thoughts to support you? Download, print, and colour these positive birth affirmation cards!

FREE Self-Care Colouring Pages for Moms

Instead of colouring another picture of a unicorn or Paw Patrol character, why not practice some affirmations that make you feel good, with a background that’s beautiful to look at? Download, print, and have some YOU-time. 

Hi, I'm Kate. A therapist, mama, and partner, and I'm here to help YOU find your joy in motherhood. No matter what season you're in, I can help you manage your overwhelm, reclaim your happiness, and feel like your vibrant self again! I'm so glad you're here!

What Causes Postpartum Depression?
What Causes Postpartum Depression?

What Causes Postpartum Depression? written by Kate Borsato If you’re a soon-to-be mom or already chin-deep in motherhood, there’s a good chance you have at least some understanding of postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is a common experience but,...

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Signs of Postpartum Depression (What NOT to Ignore)
Signs of Postpartum Depression (What NOT to Ignore)

What Causes Postpartum Depression? (What NOT to Ignore) written by Kate Borsato As with many experiences in early motherhood, postpartum depression can be a source of confusion. With mental health struggles — postpartum depression included—it can be easy to allow our...

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