Online Programs

Did you know that educational and skill-building self-help programs can be as effective as therapy? These programs are for the modern mom who knows it’s possible to create a life that’s more calm, fulfilling, and joyful, and she’s not afraid to ask for help in order to make that a reality.

Self-Paced Learning
a little time, a huge impact

Grab some takeout or snuggle up with some tea, and hit play on these on-demand programs that tackle some of the biggest hurdles in early motherhood. For far less than the cost of a date night out (what are those, right?), you’ll learn how to navigate these difficult themes and get back to how you truly want to feel: calm, confident, present and happy.

Online Course

Mama Calm: Manage Anxiety In Motherhood

I created Mama Calm so that you can learn to manage this anxiety and build a calm and connected lifestyle. Picture letting go of that inner critic. Imagine not living in fear of what enters your mind, and not feeling constantly on edge. Think about how it would feel to (finally) release yourself from the grip anxiety has had on your life. How would your life be different?

Online Course

Stress Less About Baby’s Sleep

Stress Less About Baby’s Sleep is a self-paced online program to help you step back from the stress and anxiety around your child’s sleep, and get back to enjoying this stage that you’re in.

And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with how your child sleeps. This is the only program of its kind that doesn’t involve any tips for kids, because the way I see it, you can’t actually control when, how, or if they sleep. You do have a massive amount of control about how it all impacts you. You just need to learn the skills to tap into that ability.

Mini Course

How to Share the Load of Parenthood

I get it: you feel like the bulk of the parenting responsibilities fall to you. You’re resentful, tired and burnt out. Hit play to learn how to communicate your needs, share the burden equally, and feel relieved to have a gameplan that actually works.

Online Workshop

Insomnia and Sleep Anxiety

It’s pretty unfair that the most tired stage of your life is also the stage where you can’t get to sleep. Sleep is at the centre of mental wellness, so hop into this workshop to get the the bottom of it. Learn why you’re struggling to sleep, what’s getting in your way, and what steps to take that actually work. 

Looking for help?
Start With These Free Resources
Ready to reclaim that calm inner-vibe that somehow disappeared since becoming a mom? Here’s some free ways to get started.
Free Anxiety In Motherhood Masterclass

Understand what anxiety symptoms are, how they impact you and your family, and how to manage anxiety now and into the future. 

Mom-Anxiety Workbook + Guide

Here’s your mom-anxiety toolkit to help you get clear on why you’re feeling anxious, what triggers the overwhelm, and give you a roadmap to finding relief.

Self-Care Mini-Challenge For Moms

Six days of teeny, tiny self-care lessons, prompts, and challenges to reset that self-care foundation for your mental health. Delivered straight to your inbox.