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for mental health in motherhood.

Did you know that educational and skill-building self-help programs can be as effective as therapy? My mission is to take the key tools and information that best supports moms and piece them together into accessible online programs that you can access whenever you want. These programs are for the modern mom who knows it’s possible to create a life that’s more calm, fulfilling, and joyful, and she’s not afraid to ask for help in order to make that a reality.

“I loved how in-depth the program was, how the practical tips were backed by psychology research and not just ‘woo woo’. My relationship and communication with my husband has really improved and my mum-guilt is much more under control.”

-Mama Shine Student

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Mama Calm

Learn how to manage anxiety in motherhood

Most people have heard of Postpartum Depression, but did you know that anxiety is just (if not more) common for moms? When we become parents, we enter a world with endless worries, and sometimes this can become all-consuming and prevent you from enjoying this stage of your life. Worries about your child’s health, stressing over their sleep, dreading their cries, your sleepless nights, and the scary thoughts that you try (and fail) to block out can make it hard to enjoy motherhood. And this anxiety can continue for years into motherhood.

I created Mama Calm so that you can learn to manage this anxiety and build a calm and connected lifestyle. Picture letting go of that inner critic. breaking up with your inner critic. Imagine not living in fear of what enters your mind, and not feeling constantly on edge. Think about how it would feel to (finally) release yourself from the grip anxiety has had on your life. How would your life be different?

“I loved how in-depth the program was, how the practical tips were backed by psychology research and not just ‘woo woo’. My relationship and communication with my husband has really improved and my mum-guilt is much more under control.”

-Mama Calm Student

Mama Shine

Learn to enjoy this season of motherhood like you thought you would.

Ever miss your old life or feel out of touch with the woman you were before kids? You might feel like you’re “just a mom” now, like you and your partner are in a rut and as though it’s impossible to feel fulfilled and balanced in this stage. (Those perfectly-poised moms have gotta be faking it, right?!)

Mama Shine is the deep-dive course that’ll reconnect you with your passions, self-expression, intellectual needs and bright-as-sunshine joy. This is a self-paced system where we connect the dots of what makes you you. Learn to solve issues by getting to their root. Write your own rulebook. Feel aligned with your partner again. Live an inspired life that you love waking up to! This is all possible… I’d know because I’ve done it.

“It seemed like I was always on the brink of another breakdown, and that just simply is not how I want to live. I feel so much ease in my life after Mama Shine. I think being able to identify emotions and name them outloud was one of the biggest takeaways for me. Now when I’m feeling something, I can name it and it brings a sense of ease rather than trying to change or repress that feeling. I learned to trust my feelings and that they are real and valid and worthy of being honored and explored.”

-Mama Shine Student

The Vibrant Mama Summit

An online conference with 25+ amazing experts!

Even though you may have been so excited to become a mum, these days feel like you’re treading water. Your go-getter energy has been zapped and the pace of motherhood seems totally unsustainable.

My Vibrant Mama Summit is for the sit-back-and-observe type of learner. This is a jam-packed online conference with 25+ amazing therapists, coaches, relationship experts, and entrepreneurial mamas giving to-the-point strategies to manage every dimension of motherhood. (Aka it’s a virtual library of pure gold.) This is your opportunity to reframe your days and start fresh. The only way to transform how motherhood feels is to change how you show up for yourself. I know you can do it. This can be the start of a new, hopeful chapter. I’m here to guide you.

“II just loved your Vibrant Mama Summit, I’m still catching up on the last few interviews, but it is incredible. Thank you for providing so much support to all of these amazing mamas. You are amazing!
Thank you for all you do. I cannot tell you how valuable the information through this summit has been!”

“The whole conference was full of practical tips and validation. I’m already finding I’m more mindful and enjoy little moments of self-care, tasting and smelling my coffee as I drink it or a scalp massage in the shower….and so much more! Thank you so much for this summit!”


Welcome To Unwind:

A Members-Only Community For Moms

Bite-sized how-to’s, guidance, and validation, just click play. In each video, I bring in my knowledge and skills as a therapist and deep-dive into the unique challenges moms face.
Connection, growth, + practice.
Unwind is a community for moms that’s all about taking a minute, a breath, a break—a moment—that’s just for you and your wellness. Transformation truly happens in this space.

Imagine actually practicing those calming meditations, learning evidence-based tools like tapping and mindfulness, being led through journaling sessions to help you process those tough areas that are calling for you, and reflecting together with a group of moms that truly see you. How would your life be different if you had this kind of sisterhood at your fingertips?

I’ve created an online members-only space to feel that support of sisterhood. Think live meditations, real-time coaching, expert leadership, and practice-based support so you start taking action to find you calm (rather than just learn more information but not putting it into practice).

Unwind is a community for moms that’s all about taking a minute, and breath, a break – a moment – that’s just for you and your wellness. Transformation truly happens in this space.

Bite-Size Learning
a little time, a huge impact
Grab some takeout or snuggle up with some tea, and hit play on these on-demand workshops that tackle some of the biggest hurdles in early motherhood. For far less than the cost of a date night out (what are those, right?), you’ll learn how to navigate these difficult themes and get back to how you truly want to feel: calm, confident, present and happy.

Mini Course

How to Share the Load of Parenthood

I get it: you feel like the bulk of the parenting responsibilities fall to you. You’re resentful, tired and burnt out. Hit play to learn how to communicate your needs, share the burden equally, and feel relieved to have a gameplan that actually works.

Online Workshop

Insomnia and Sleep Anxiety

It’s pretty unfair that the most tired stage of your life is also the stage where you can’t get to sleep. Sleep is at the centre of mental wellness, so hop into this workshop to get the the bottom of it. Learn why you’re struggling to sleep, what’s getting in your way, and what steps to take that actually work. 

On-Demand Workshop

Rebuilding Intimacy and Sex Post-Kids

Your sex life feels like a distant memory and getting intimate feels… so damn scary. There’s a reason for that! Cue this one up to feel validated with where you’re at and confident that your bedroom will again become a place for connection.

Looking for help?
Start With These Free Resources
Ready to reclaim that calm inner-vibe that somehow disappeared since becoming a mom? Here’s some free ways to get started.
Intrusive Thoughts Workshop

Understand why you have these scary thoughts, what they mean, and how to overcome them.

Mom-Anxiety Workbook + Guide

Here’s your mom-anxiety toolkit to help you get clear on why you’re feeling anxious, what triggers the overwhelm, and give you a roadmap to finding relief.

Self-Care Mini-Challenge For Moms

Six days of teeny, tiny self-care lessons, prompts, and challenges to reset that self-care foundation for your mental health. Delivered straight to your inbox.