Hey there!

I’m Kate,

A therapist, educator and mama of two girls, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help women find joy and balance as they navigate motherhood. The societal narrative tells us that a “good mom” sacrifices everything for the wellbeing of her family. I totally disagree.

I’ve been where you are right now. I’ve walked down that dark, daunting, path in early motherhood wondering when (if?) I’d at last be through the woods. I completely understand the chaos and confusion you’re experiencing. I know the lonely never-ending nights that make way for overwhelming days. If I can help you make it through with your authenticity and spirit intact, I consider myself successful.

Why I am Really Here
My Story
I’m sharing my story purely for the sake of letting mamas like you know that I really do get it. After years of struggling, I found my “why” supporting other moms to prioritize their mental health even while raising tiny humans. In the early days, I suffered. I didn’t get pregnant when I wanted to. I felt like my body wasn’t doing as it “should.” That was the first major experience of shattered expectations and thinking something was wrong with me.
When I had my babies, I stayed awake wide-eyed and anxious all night. I felt like my partner didn’t “get it” and I had no idea how to communicate that. I lived in rumination, anxiety, panic and distressing thoughts. I felt so alone. At one point, my anxiety reared its head physically. I couldn’t breathe. I went to the doctor thinking I had a lung problem to learn it was anxiety. (Surprise, surprise…) Does any of this feel familiar? I’m willing to bet it does.

Something had to change. So my partner and I pressed reset for a full year. We took our two girls and went to the mountains of rural British Columbia, road tripped across western Canada and the U.S., set up in colourful Guanajuato, Mexico and then called the sun-scorched city of Valencia, Spain home for a little while. During that time we breathed in the misty mountain air, soaked up Latin American culture and frequented Spanish plazas while sipping strong, black coffee.

I’m here to let you know that everything is solvable.
But I still felt so overwhelmed.

You know just as well as I do that the worries of motherhood don’t just go away when we put on the rose-colour glasses, right? Maybe you relate because you’ve tried this too? For me, I realized that you can Eat, Pray, Love it all you want but sooner or later, you have to get to the root of everything.

When you turn to distractions instead of doing the inner work, you feel burnt out, exhausted, depleted, angry, out of touch with yourself and like a shell of who you once were. It’s no wonder you cry, snap at your partner, live in the constant stream of anxious thinking and believe you’re a bad mom. When we don’t fix the problem, we compare ourselves (She’s a better mom than me!) or turn to self-criticism (I let them eat junk food, I’m a terrible mom!). I’m here to tell you that that makes matters worse. I’m also here to hold your hand and let you know that everything is solvable.

Show up for yourself.
Why am I telling you this? It’s because when we appreciate the little things, the stressful parts of motherhood (the laundry piles, the mile-long to-do list, the temper tantrums) matter less. How can you make this pivotal shift? Where can you stop putting yourself on the “later list”?

Let me ask you something: what do you love most about being a mother? I love watching my daughters show up exactly as they are and wear their little hearts on their little sleeves. It took me four years to finally feel at ease in motherhood but if I can be the crutch you need, it’s well worth it. I’d love to put the kettle on, plop down on the cozy couch beside you and show you how possible this all is. I want to show you how you can let motherhood be easy. Because you can.

XO Kate
When I started to see the big picture, I learned the value of the little things: summer sun on my cheeks, the taste of Bengal spice tea before bed, chocolate caramels, the goddess necklace my partner bought me years ago. Showing up for yourself and putting yourself first is an important lesson. It’s one I learned from a hand-crafted coffee mug in Mexico that I almost didn’t buy. (Long story short, this spur-of-the-moment buy became an important part of my a.m. ritual. It’s how I ensure my day’s off to a good start! See what happens when you treat yourself now and then?)
XO Kate
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