by Kate Borsato



I offer online therapeutic groups to support women during pregnancy and postpartum. You’ll learn up-to-date information and strategies that are most effective and supportive during these transitions. Plus, the consistent live support, connection, and feedback can make all the difference for women transitioning to motherhood. 

**Because these are therapeutic groups, they are currently offered to women in British Columbia only. If you are outside of BC, please see my other resources for support**


For pregnant women who want to prepare for the best adjustment possible to welcome their baby, and for pregnant women currently experiencing mood challenges.


For mom’s who recently had a baby (within the last year-ish) and are having a hard time adjusting to motherhood, including anxiety and depression.


I’ve designed these programs based on the most common challenges that moms face as they transition to this new stage of life. Because I support new and expecting moms in counselling, I get a very close look at the hardest parts of this stage, and I know what strategies and tools are most helpful for moms. 

I also bring in extensive knowledge and training specifically for pregnancy and postpartum mood challenges, along with group therapy facilitation training and experience. 

What that means for you?  Well, you’ll get the exact information, strategies, and support you need. 

My intentions for each program is: 

  1. to provide the most up-to-date and useful knowledge about managing overwhelm, stress, and perinatal mood challenges. 
  2. to create an environment for connection and validation
  3. to teach you useful skills that will help you transition to motherhood in the absolute best way possible. 


This program is for you if…

  • you’re currently pregnant and you want to feel more emotionally prepared for motherhood
  • you’re feeling some anxiety or other mood challenges during your pregnancy, AND/OR you want to learn all that you can just in case you have a hard time later. 
  • you know that preparing yourself mentally and emotionally will help you now and in the future


This program is for you if…

  • you recently had a baby (within the past year-ish)
  • you’re feeling like you need support with your mood and overall adjustment to motherhood
  • You feel anxious and/or depressed
  • you’re worrying that this isn’t what you expected… and you’re struggling
  • or you feel like you effective skills to help you feel calm, joyful, and at ease. 

What You'll Learn

Each group is tailored to either pregnancy OR new motherhood, but the general themes for mental wellness and balance during this transition are similar. 


  • know the difference between postpartum mood disorders and normal adjustment to motherhood  
  • learn how pregnancy and a new baby can impact your intimate relationship, including the most common challenges couples face, and how to get through them
  • understand why pregnancy and early motherhood can dramatically increase overwhelm, what’s happening to your brain, and how you can create calmness in your life. 
  • have concrete strategies to manage overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and stress. 
  • become aware of your expectations of yourself, how these impact your adjustment to motherhood (and how to manage these)
  • gain awareness about how you treat yourself during challenging times (your inner critic), and learn self-compassion strategies.  
  • Understand your variety of self-care needs, and make a concrete plan for these

How It Works

You can think of these programs like group counselling, or small educational workshops. But rather than meeting in person, we simple meet online!


  • Small group of women  (no more than 8)
  • 1 meeting / week (6 total video sessions)
  • We’ll use Zoom for group video calls (it’s easy to use + secure)
  • Each session is 90 mins (combination of presentation of info, skill development, Q+A, and connection).

Pricing + Payment

The total cost for each program (6 x 90 min sessions) is $270 (CAD) (the same time in individual counselling would be $1,215).

If you have extended health benefits, you are likely to have coverage – call your provider to check this out! 

This is a therapeutic program, and I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor in BC, so many benefits plans will offer coverage (it is your responsibility to confirm this before booking, as every plan is different!)

You can pay with any major credit card, and you’ll be issued an official receipt for your claims.

*weekly payment option available with request*


Also... You're Busy, i get it!

If you have other kiddos or your baby with you during the group sessions, this is totally okay! This is real life!  Although, I’ll always encourage you to carve out the time for yourself if possible 😉

How To Register

You do not need a referral to register for these programs – space fills up on a first come first serve basis. 


Next group begins August 25th 2020, 6pm PST

CA $270 | 6 weeks


Next group begins August 25th 2020, 10am PST

CA $270 | 6 weeks

**These programs are for women in the province of British Columbia (this is because these programs are therapeutic in nature, and different provinces and states have varying regulatory requirements). If you don’t live in BC, check out my other resources**

It's entirely possible to feel like you enjoy the season of motherhood...

And sometimes, it’s takes a little support to get there. 


Hey, I’m Kate!  I’m so glad you’re here! I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor in British Columbia, and I work entirely with expecting women and moms through video-based support.

I’ve found that there are certain themes that most pregnant women and new moms experience, yet so many of us struggle alone and in silence. I want to change this, because you deserve to feel well and to be supported. 

In these groups, I help you learn to navigate pregnancy + postpartum challenges, find balance and mental wellness, and enjoy a connecting and validating group setting. 

I’d love to have you in one of the groups!