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 The Maternal Mental Health Collective


We are a group of therapists who have specific training in maternal mental health that is above that which all counsellors learn about in their educational programs. This means that any therapist you choose to see is invested in meeting you with the unique challenges of motherhood. In other words, we get it, and you’ll feel very understood here!

Here’s some areas that we often support clients with: 

  • Postpartum anxiety and depression
  • Pregnancy anxiety, depression, and mood challenges
  • Other mood difficulties
  • Intrusive or scary thoughts
  • Relationship changes / challenges
  • Identity transitions
  • Birth trauma
  • Feeling blue, low, or uninspired
  • Fertility challenges
  • Pregnancy loss and stillbirth
  • Managing life stress, changing roles, family dynamics
  • Returning to work
  • Grief and loss


If you find yourself extremely distressed, need urgent support, or are having intense thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please contact a crisis line or call 911 right away.


Online counselling is similar to in-person counselling, we just meet online. Just click the button below to book your first session or a consult call. Once your account is set up, you can really easily book your appointments, enter your video sessions, and pay for your sessions.

You do not need to download anything. Just make sure you have an updated browser (Chrome works well) and a good internet connection.

Can I Use My Ipad Or Other Devices?

Ideally, you would use a laptop or computer, with a screen that’s big enough to see me well. However, a smartphone or tablet will work in a pinch. You’ll just need to download the Jane App from the app store if you plan on using one of those devices.


We offer 1-hour sessions for $135 (CAD). Video sessions are similar to in-person sessions, where we “meet” for 1 hour, and we spend at least that much time outside of your session planning, learning, and keeping progress notes.

You’ll have a balnace in your “billing area” in your client account after each session, and I ask that this is paid immediately. All payment information is kept for you in your online account (which you can access from my website).

You can make payments with a credit card.

Many extended health benefit plans cover counselling from Registered Clinical Counsellors and/or Registered Social Workers in BC. Make sure you check with your provider directly. I do not do direct billing.

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Hi, I'm Kate. A therapist, mama, and partner, and I'm here to help YOU find your joy in motherhood. No matter what season you're in, I can help you manage your overwhelm, reclaim your happiness, and feel like your vibrant self again! I'm so glad you're here!

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